Factual Definitions of a Jehovah's Witness:

  1. "Someone who accepts the Watchtower Society as God's spirit-directed prophet and theocratic organization upon the earth."
  2. "A zealous people who blindly proclaim an ever changing future catastrophe"
  3. "What is sociologically interesting about JW's is that they derive psychological satisfaction from perceiving a coherent pattern in their beliefs regardless of possible inner inconsistencies, and that, even if they do notice inconsistencies, they can then abrogate personal responsibility for their own beliefs in the safe conviction that someone, somewhere in the WTS must be able to solve the problem. An implicit premise in the argument is usually that, if the perceived inconsistencies were real, then the beliefs would not have gained widespread popularity" (James A. Beckford, "The Trumpet of Prophecy: A sociological Study of Jehovah's Witnesses", p120)

Example of doctrine changing over time:

Old Light

New Light

  • "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" Rutherford, 1920
  • "You can survive the end of this system of things" Watchtower 6/15/89, p7
  • "Millions Now Dead Will Live Again" Watchtower, May l, 1990

Never Die


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