City Of David

A. David conquers Jerusalem, II Sam.5:6-7, 8, 9,10, 11, Pic

B. History of Archeology in Israel.

1. Kathleen Kenyon (Jericho, '52-'58; City of David, '61-'68)

2. Yagal Shiloh (City of David, '78-'85)

3. Jane Cahill appointed to analyze and publish Shiloh's work

4. Ronnie Reich now heading City of David project

C. Major Israeli universities have been dominated by unbelief.

1. David Ussishkin, Tel Aviv University

"I am afraid that evidence regarding the magnificent Solomonic capital was not discovered because it is nonexistent, not because it is still hidden in the ground." Jerusalem in Bible And Archeology, 2003, p.112

2. Niles Peter Lemch, University of Copenhagen

"Archeological data have now definitely confirmed that the empire of David and Solomon never existed." Biblical Archaeological Review, 11/12, 2004, p.17

3. Jane Cahill, Hebrew University responds

"The most frequently voiced argument by those who challenge the historical existence of the United Monarchy is a supposed lack of archeological evidence. In most cases these arguments are either

grossly misleading, illogical, disingenuous or all three."

Biblical Archeological Review, 11/12/2004, p. 27

4. Professional journals reveal a rancorous debate (illustrate)

D. Look at the evidence re: City of David (Picture)

1. Early evidence for Jerusalem; Cuneiform tablet, 14thcen. BC

2. Appearance in David's time according to Cahill

a. Note stepped structure

b. Compare as appears today. Two views.

3. "Water Shaft"

a. Shaft today

b. Going through the shaft today

4. Leads to Gihon Springs (two views)

5. Solomon's Coronation

a. I Kings 1:33-34

b. Cf. Cahill's picture

c. Real location found by following scripture.

d. Tower fallen (Tower of Siloam?) Cahill picture

e. Diagram showing springs and relation to pool of Siloam

6. Hezekiah built tunnel to redirect water

a. II Chronicles 32:30; II Kings 20:20

b. Picture of tunnel

c. Hezekiah's wall

7. Pool of Siloam - Map

a. Scriptural References:

1) Ecc.2:5, "I made myself water pools"

2) Neh.3:15, Rebuilding Jerusalem, pool and stairs (pic)

3) Jesus healed blind man here, Jn.9:7

4) Talmud describes procession from pool during Feast of

Tabernacles. Priest carried water in golden vessel up

stairs to the Temple and poured out libation on altar.

Context of Jesus comments at Feast, Jn.7:37-38

8. Old site clamed to be pool (Byzantine)

9. New correct site found June of 2004.

a. Locate present dig on overview picture

(Palestinians "tolerate" dig and provide food, expensively)

b. Upper northern side is exposed (Don excavating, 2)

c. Pool filled during destruction of Jerusalem, 70 AD

1) Close up of fill material

2) Examples of debris in the fill material

d. View of pool looking south

e. Northwest corner exposed

f. Water source from pool of Gihon

g. Overview picture. Cahill diagram vindicated.

By Dr. Don Patton



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