True Bible Quiz booth Stories: 4 July 1997
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"Daddy, if the teenage Satan worshippers were to pick a leader, they would choose you...they like you!" said Talitha Rudd.

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We had several good talks with these teenagers who have bad taste in clothing and makeup. They tend to wear all black with chains and "African type" face painting, and bright dyed hair sometimes with many 1 foot high spikes. They are quite scary to look at. However, I have observed that these rebellious teens are actually quite open to talk about God. They usually come into the booth in small groups.

Can I come dressed in black??? conclusion: Both and old elder story

Beware of God!!! Heb 10:26-31

"I believe in the Devil!!!": 1 Pe 5:5-6, Eph 6:10-12

We love pain and suffering!!! Jn 8:44; Jn 10:10; Rev 12:10; Heb 2:14

Confused 13 year old Goth-lesbian: Rom 1:25-27

"Of flag and flyer burning" Mk 5:1-5, 15

JW well trained by the organization. Mt 15:9-14

Prove to me there is a God! Rom 1:18-20

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The blind can see the deaf can hear!!! Lk 7:20-23

"The not in the devil's tale"

There were two questions that opened up a lot of discussions:

#2 Ephesians 3:4 says "When you read you can understand". This means that:

  1. You must have a priest or a pastor explain the Bible to you.
  2. You must have the Holy Spirit to know God's will.
  3. Reading the Bible daily is a good way to learn the Bible.

#7 Which of the following is a quote from the Bible?

  1. "You see that a man is saved by faith only"
  2. "Baptism now saves you"
  3. "Pray the sinners prayer and thou shalt be saved"

Lights out! Jn 4:35-36

by Steve Rudd

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