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Early Church Fathers
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37 Iliad, ix. 445.

38 Iliad, ii. 204.

39 Has no fellow.

40 Or, "uncreated."

41 o wn, "He who is; the Being."

42 Isa. xliv. 6.

43 Literally, "with the not-beings."

44 Literally, "between the God being and not-beings."

45 That is, "is not produced or created; has no birth."

46 Or, "are born and die."

47 kata tauta, "according to the same things," i.e., in eternal immutability.

48 Or, "demiurge or maker."

49 That is, "my will to the contrary." See Plato, Tim., p. 41 [cap 13].

50 Iliad, ix. 497.

51 That is, by the challenge of the chain introduced-Iliad, viii. 18.

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