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Early Church Fathers
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76 Ezek. xi. 22.

77 1 Kings xix. 11, 12.

78 Literally, "those without."

79 Literally, "sacred men."

80 [A noteworthy apology for early Christian writers.]

81 This is now supposed to be fable.

82 Literally, "sacred men."

83 [In Grabe's edition consult notes of Lang and Kortholt, ii. p. 45.]

84 [Travellers must recognise the agreement of Justin's story with the traditional cave still shown in ths region.]

85 [The fascinating use made of this by Virgil must not be overlooked: -

"Ultima Cumaei venit jam carminis aetas," etc.Ecl. iv. (Pollio) 4.]

86 [Hermes Trismegistus. Milton (Penseroso, line 88,) translates this name.][N.B.-This work is not supposed to be Justin's by modern critics.]

1 Qeou is omitted in mss., but monarxia of itself implies it.

2 i.e., the doctrine that God only is to be worshipped.

3 Literally, "history."

4 Grotius supposes this to be Aeschylus the younger in some prologue.

5 This may also be translated: "Expounding the set of opinions prevalent in his day."

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