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Early Church Fathers
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1 [See, on the Resurrection, cap. vi.; and compare, -

"And of those demons that are foundIn fire, air, flood, or under ground," etc.Milton, Pens., line 93.]

2 See Lev. xiv. 49-53.

3 Literally, "living."

4 The Gentiles are here referred to, who saw no necessity for the incarnation.

5 Jer. ii. 19, etc. (LXX.)

6 It is doubtful if these words are really Justin's, or, if so, from which, or what part, of his Apologies they are derived.

7 Eusebius, book v. to the twenty-seventh chapter, should be read as an introduction to this author.

1 i.e., the emperors.

2 Meta dogmatoj orqou, orthodoxy.

3 That is, that a prophetic inspiration is required to speak worthily of Christ.

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