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275 The corrections of Stanley on these lines have been adopted. They occur in the Choephorae of Aeschylus, 503, but may have been found in Sophocles, as the tragic poets borrowed from one another.

276 i.e., not entering into a second marriage after a wife's death. But instead of monogami/ou some read kakogami/ou-bad marriage.

277 [To be a mother, indeed, one must be first a wife; the woman who has a child out of wedlock is not entitled to this holy name.]

278 [A holy marriage, as here so beautifully defined, was something wholly unknown to Roman and Greek civilazation. Here we find the Christian family established.]

279 Matt. v. 32; xix. 9

280 Lev. xx. 10; Deut. xxii. 22

281 Lev. xxi. 9.

282 Ezek. xxxiii. 11.

283 Luke. xii. 48.

284 Reden Jesu. St. John xii. 23-26.

285 "Words of Jesus." Translation (vol. v. p. 354, ed. Edinburgh, 1856).

286 Stromata, book ii. cap. xi. p. 358, supra.

287 Quotation from Milman, p. 166, this volume.

139 1 After much consideration, the Editors have deemed it best to give the whole of this book in Latin. [In the former Book, Clement has shown, not without a decided leaning to chaste celibacy, that marriage is a holy estate, and consistent with the perfect man in Christ. He now enters upon the refutation of the false-Gnostics and their licentious tenets. Professing a stricter rule to begin with, and despising the ordinances of the Creator, their result was the grossest immorality in practice. The melancholy consequences of an enforced celibacy are, here, all foreseen and foreshown; and this Book, though necessarily offensive to our Christian tastes, is most useful as a commentary upon the history of monasticism, and the celibacy of priests, in the Western churches. The resolution of the Edinburgh editors to give this Book to scholars only, in the Latin, is probably wise. I subjoin a succint analysis, in the elucidations.]

2 Matt. xix. 11, 12.

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5 Gal. vi. 2.

6 2 Cor. x. 12.

7 1 Cor. vii. 9.

8 Vid. Irenaeum, lib. i. c. 2, p. 51.

9 Ex. xx. 13.

10 Matt. v. 28.

11 Ex. xx. 17.

12 Deut. xxii. 22.

13 [Elucidation II.]

14 Jude 8-17.

15 [Elucidation III.]

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