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Early Church Fathers
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182 Iliad, xviii, 483.

183 [On the Faith, see p. 444, note 6, supra.]

184 Me/tra is the reading of the text, but is plainly an error for me/trw|, which is the reading of Eusebius.

185 Eph. vi. 12.

186 Ps. iii. 5.

187 Matt. xxiv. 42, etc.

188 [The bearing of this passage on questions of Sabbatical and Dominical observances, needs only to be indicated.]

189 Wisd. ii. 12.

190 [See Leighton, Works, vol. v. p. 62, the very rich and copious note of the editor, William West, of Nairn, Scotland. Elucidation IX.]

191 Isa. xl. 18, 25.

192 H Stephanus, in his Fragments of Bacchylides, reads ai0kelei/wn (foul) instead of a0ei kai\ li/an of the text.

193 Quoted in Exhortation to the Heathen, p. 192, ante, and is here corrected from the text there.

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