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194 This is quoted in Exhortation to the Heathen, p. 192, ch. vii. The reading varies, and it has been variously amended. Qew=| is substituted above for se0o. Perhaps the simplest of the emendations proposed on this passage is the change of se/o into soi/, with Thee.

195 Heraclitus

196 Deut vi. 4.

197 See Exhortation, p. 194, where for "So" read "Lo."

198 "Ou\tij, Noman, Nobody: a fallacious name assumed by Ulysses (with a primary allusion to mh/tij, mh=tij, Odyss., xx. 20), to deceive Polyphemus."-Liddell and Scott. The third line is 274 of same book.

199 Odyss., ix. 410.

200 Iliad. xxii. 8.

201 Isa. xl. 18, 25.

202 All these lines from Epicharmus : they have been rendered as amended by Grotius.

203 lo/goj [or Word].

204 Isa. i. 11, 16.

205 This passage, with four more lines, is quoted by Justin Martyr [De Monarchia, vol. i. p. 291, this series], and ascribed by him to Philemon.

206 Jer. xxiii. 23, 24.

207 Ps. iv. 5.

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