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254 i.e., the Commandments.

255 For perfect wisdom, which is knowledge of things divine and human, which comprehends all that relates to the oversight of the flock of men, becomes, in reference to life, art (Instructor, book ii. chap. ii. p. 244, supra).

256 Gal. v. 17.

257 The text reads e0ntolai=j, which, however, Hervetus, Heinsius, and Sylburgius, all concur in changing to the accusative, as above.

258 Gal. v. 17.

259 Ex. xx. 2, 3.

260 i.e., commandment. The Decalogue is in Hebrew called "the ten words."

261 The text has tri/toj, but Sylburgius reads te/tartoj, the third being either omitted, or embraced in what is said of the second. The next mentioned is the fifth.

262 i.e., Christ. [And the first day, or the Christian Sabbath.]

263 [Barnabas, vol. i. chap. xv. p. 146, this series.]

264 meseuqu/j, me/soj and eu0qu/j, between the even ones, applied by the Pythagoreans to 6, a half-way between 2 and 10, the first and the last even numbers of the dinary scale.

265 Luke xx. 35.

266 i.e., with the three disciples.

267 The numeral õ\' = 6. This is said to be the Digamma in its original place in the alphabet, and afterwards used in mss.. and old editions as a short form of st (Liddell and Scott's Lexicon).

268 That is, Christ, who answers to the numeral six.

269 Ps. xix. 1.

270 Rev. xxi. 6.

271 John i. 3.

272 [By Rabbinical tradition. But see Calmet, Dict. Bib., p. 78.]

273 [The honour put upon this number in the Holy Scriptures is obvious to all, and it seems to be wrought into nature by the author of Scripture. But see Dan. viii. 13, the original, and (Palmoni) Eng. margin.]

274 Ps. xc. 9, 10.

275 Gen. ii. 4.

276 Ps. cxviii. 24.

277 [1 Cor. v. 7.]

278 The first letter of the name of Jesus, and used as the sign of ten.

279 In close conjunction with idolatry, fornication is mentioned, Col. iii. 5, Gal. v. 20, 1 Pet. iv. 3.

280 Jer. ii. 27, iii. 9.

281 [The ninth is not altogether omitted, but is supposed to be included in the eighth. False testimony is theft of another's credit, or of another's truth. Migne, Strom., vi. 361. Elucidation X.]

282 a0gaqoi\ are supplied here to complete.

283 [Matt. xi. 4.]

284 ou0k a9ntilhptikoi=j is substituted here for ou\n a0ntilhptoi=j of the text.

285 Iliad, i. 544.

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