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Early Church Fathers
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56 Matt. v. 42.

57 Luke xvi. 9.

58 Matt. xix. 12.

59 1 John iv. 18.

60 Matt. xxii. 14.

61 See what Gibbon can say to minimize the matter (in cap. xvi. 4, vol. ii. p. 45, New York).

62 Cap. xiii.

63 I. cap. iii.

64 pp. 46, 138.

65 In his disgraceful chap. xvi.

1 [Elucidation.]

1 These two lines, if this be their true sense, seem to refer to Lot's wife. But the grammar and meaning of this introduction are alike obscure.

2 "Metus;" used, as in other places, of godly fear.

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