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Early Church Fathers
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363 i9e/rac.

364 ki/rkoj, "the hen-harrier," "Falco," or "Circus pygargus." Cf. Liddell and Scott, s.v.

365 Cf. Homer, Odyss., xv. 526.

366 kai\ ou0 kaki/an me\n, oi9onei de\ kaki/an ou\san.

367 e0n me/soij.

368 klhdo/nej.

369 Cf. Homer, Odyss., iv. 685; cf. also xx. 116, 119.

370 Cf. Homer, Odyss., xx. 120.

371 Cf. Homer, Odyss., xvii. 541.

372 Cf. Homer, Odyss., xvii. 545.

373 ou!te toi=j tuxou=si tw=n a0nqrw/pwn.

374 Cf. Lev. xix. 26. The Septuagint here differs from the Masoretic text.

375 Cf. Deut. xviii. 14, cf. 12.

376 Cf. Deut. xviii. 15.

377 Cf. Num. xxiii. 23.

378 Prov. iv. 23.

379 Cf. Rom. viii. 14.

380 ek!oj0,aso/aj.

381 tropa/j.

382 Cf. Ex. xxiv. 2.

383 a0pemfai=non.

384 a0ntipelargou=ntoj.

385 [See vol. i. pp. viii., 12, this series. Observe, Origen, in Egypt, doubts the story.]

386 a0ll' ei0 mh\ pa=n e@rgon. "Gelenius does not recognise these words, and Guietus regards them as superfluous." They are omitted in the translation.

387 Our vol. i. p. 191.

388 Our vol. ii. p. 437.

389 Ed. Philadelphia, 1836.

390 See this treatise, Book VIII, cap. xlviii., infra.

391 What is of Faith as to Everlasting Punishment? in reply to Dr. Farrar's Challenge, 1879. By the Rev. E. B. Pusey, D.D., Oxford, 1881.

392 Theodicy, pp. 295-311 (answer to Foster), p. 81 (to Lord Kames), p. 310 (to Tillotson). I must confess that Bledsoe is paulo iniquior when he gives no reference to Tillotson's language. If the retort is based on the sermon (xxxv. vol. iii. p. 350, ed. folio, 1720) on the "Eternity of Torment," however, I do not think it just. The latitudinarian primate restricts himself therein to a very guarded statement of that reserved right by which any governor commutes or remits punishment, though he cannot modify a promise of reward. I wish modern apologists for the divine sovereignty had not gone farther.

1 Cf. Prov. x. 19.

2 Cf. 2 Tim. ii. 15.

3 Cf. 2 Cor. x. 5.

4 Cf. Ps. lxviii. 11.

5 toi=j e0kei= qeoi=j.

6 a9yi=da.

7 kate/rxesqai.

8 Cf. Heb. i. 14.

9 e0n toi=j kaqarwta/toij tou= ko/smou xwri/oij e0pourani/oij, h! kai\ toi=j toi=j tou/twn kaqarwte/roij u=perourani/oij.

10 Cf. Ps. lxxxvi. 8, xcvi. 4, cxxxvi. 2.

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