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22 e0pei\ mhde\ sth=nai peri\ au0ta\ qe/lomen.

23 nou=j.

24 a0ci/wma. [Elucidation II.]

25 See Bacon's apophthegm, No. 275, p. 172, Works, London, 1730.

26 Vol. iii. pp. 175-235, this series.

27 Vol. iii. pp. 463, 474; also pp. 532, 537, 557, 570, and 587.

28 Compare, also, Bishop Kaye's Tertullian, p. 199, etc.

29 E.g., vol. ii. p. 157, etc.

30 Vol. ii. pp. 440, 584 (Fragment), and what he says of free-will.

1 [This very homily has been cited to prove the antiquity of the festival of the Annunciation, observed, in the West, March 25. But even Pellicia objects that this is a spurious work. The feast of the Nativity was introduced into the East by Chrysostom after the records at Rome had been inspected, and the time of the taxing at Bethlehem had been found. See his Sermon (A.D. 386), beautifully translated by Dr. Jarvis in his Introduction, etc., p. 541. Compare Tertullian, vol. iii. p. 164, and Justin, vol. i. p. 174, this series. Now, as the selection of the 25th of March is clearly based on this, we may say no more of that day. Possibly some Sunday was associated with the Annunciation. The four Sundays preceding Christmas are all observed by the Nestorians in commemoration of the Annunciation.]

1 The secondary title is: The First Discourse of our holy father Gregory, surnamed Thaumaturgus, bishop of Neo-Caesareia in Pontus, on the Annunciation to the most holy Virgin Mary, mother of God. Works of Gregory Thaumaturgus by Ger. Voss, p. 9.

2 a0nakekai/nistai; others a0nake/klhtai, recovered.

3 Ps. xcvi. 11-13.

4 cu/la.

5 dw/ndra.

6 Matt. iii. 8.

7 John xvi. 22.

8 Others, o9si\wj, piously.

9 Luke i. 28.

10 Or, dio/, wherefore.

11 Or, kale/sousi, they shall call.

12 Luke i. 29, etc.

13 xo/reusa.

14 Or, tw|= th=j kardi/aj fronh/mati, in the thoughts of her heart.

15 u9po/qesin; others u9po/sxesin, the promise.

16 kai\ lampa/da fwto\j a0pastra/pteij

17 qeofo/rwn

18 Or, u9podw/xou kai\ ma/nqane, and receive thou and learn.

19 fane/rwsin.

20 Ps. xlvi. 4.

21 Or, archangel.

22 Or, gifted with grace.

23 Or, rejoice.

24 Ps. xlv. 2.

25 tou\ nohtou= h9li/ou h9 a0natolh/; others, h9li/ou th=j dikaiosu/nhj, the rising of the Sun of righteousness.

26 leimw/n.

27 a0skh/sewj; better kuh/sewj, conception.

28 There is a similar passage in Ephraem's discourse, De Margarita Pretiosa, vol. iii.

29 a9gia/smatoj. Ps. cxxxii. 8.

30 presbeu/wn.

31 Or, and they shall worship Him. Ps. xlv. 10, 11.

32 prwto/tokon pash=j th=j kti/sewj. [Or, the heir, etc.]

33 Luke ii. 4-7.

34 Ps. civ. 2.

35 Ps. lxxx. 1.

36 Or, the Bread of life.

37 2 Cor. viii. 9.

38 Or, righteousness.

39 Or, the whole administration of the economy in an unutterable mystery.

1 "The Encomium of the same holy Father Gregory, bishop of Neo-Caesareia in Pontus, surnamed Thaumaturgus on the Annunciation to the all-holy Mary, mother of God, and ever-virgin."

2 Or, before all wisdom.

3 Or, gifted with grace.

4 Or, gifted with grace.

5 Luke ii. 10.

6 John xvi. 22.

7 Matt. xxviii. 9.

8 1 Thess. v. 16-18.

9 e\n th|= tafh|=; others, e0n th|= a9fh|= = in the touch or union of the holy body.

10 a@galma.

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