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Early Church Fathers
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14 A fragment from the homily. Ex Leontio Hierosolymitano, contra Monophysitas, Ap. Mai. Script. Vet., tom. vii. p. 134.

15 Apud Galland, Ex Chronico Paschal., p. 1, seqq., edit. Venet., 1729.

16 Exod. ix. 32.

17 Exod. xii. 2.

18 Num. xii. 24.

19 Gen. i. 11, 12. [As "in summer-time," probably.]

20 Rom. xi. 7. ["Our holy festivity" = Easter.]

21 John xv. 21.

22 [Vol. ii. p. 333, note 4. Clement is always worth noting, for his influence is thus traceable very widely in the early literature.]

23 Ps. xcv. 10, 11.

24 Ecclus. xx. 18.

25 [But compare Browne, On the Thirty-nine Articles, p. 717, note 3, American edition, 1874.]

26 John xviii. 28.

27 John xix. 13, 14. And about the sixth hour is the reading of our English version. According to St. Mark, the crucifixion took place at the third hour (chap. xxv. 25). Eusebius, Theophylact, and Severus (in the Catena, ed. Lücke, ii.) suppose that there has been some very early erratum in our copies. See Alford's note on the passage.

28 John xix. 31.

29 1 Cor. v. 7.

30 [Compare Anatolius, p. 15l, supra]

31 Apud Galland, Ex Chronico Paschal., p. 175, D.

32 [Adored, i.e., etymologically, = kissed.]

33 Ex Leontii et Joannis Rer. Sacr., lib. ii. Apud Mai, Script. Vet., tom. vii. p. 85. From his demonstration that the soul was not pre-existent to the body.

34 Gen. i. 26.

35 Ex Leontio et Joanne Rer. Sacr., lib. ii. Apud Mai, Script. Vet., tom. vii. p. 96.

36 From the Treatise of the Emperor Justinian against the Monophysites. Apud Mai, Script. Vet., vii. 306, 307.

37 Or, from a treatise on theology.

38 John i. 14.

39 Luke i. 28.

40 Luke i. 35.

41 He reported to the Nicene Council that he had ordained twenty-eight bishops and eight priests or deacons.

42 Patriarchate of Alexandria, vol. i. pp. 91, 146.

43 Ibid., p. 146.

44 Eccl. Hist. Cent. IV., sub tit. "Peter of Alexandria."

45 Ibid., sub tit. "Basil."

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