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Early Church Fathers
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1 The first date is conjectural.

2 Elucidation I.

3 For liberal references, consult Hagenbach, Text-Book of the History of Doctrine; by all means using Professor Smith's edition, New York, 1861.

4 For the matters touching the theology of the period, the student should prepare himself by consulting Waterland, History of the Athanasian Creed (Works, vol. iv., London), and Van Oosterzee, Christian Dogmatics, New York, 1874. I wonder that Professor Smith could, so unreservedly, commend Hagenbach.

5 [Here given Achilles; but I preserve unity of usage in this respect, the rather as Achilles is the name of a contemporary heretic.]

6 [i.e., in his great and final heresy. Of his former condemnation, see pp 262-263, supra.]

7 H. E., i. 2.

8 [To which Achilles had admitted him. See p. 268, supra. In spite of the warnings, pp. 263- 265, supra]

1 [A.D. 321.] Apud. Theodoritum, Hist. Eccl., book i. chap. 4.

2 [See p. 290, note 1, supra]

3 Colluthus, being a presbyter of Alexandria, puffed up with arrogance and temerity, had acted as a bishop, and had ordained many priests and deacons. But in the synod that was assembled at Alexandria all his acts of ordination were rescinded; and those who had been ordained by him degraded to the rank of laymen.-Tr.

4 [Perhaps a quotation, and hence a token of verity as to what is narrated of Peter, p. 263, note 4, supra]

5 It is inferred from these words that this letter of Alexander was written after the Synod of Alexandria in which Arius and his companion were condemned. But Alexander convened two synods of the bishops of Egypt against Arius and his friends.-Tr.

6 Isa. i. 2.

7 Ps. xlv. 7.

8 [The two tests, or criteria, of Arianism. The Arians affirmed (1) the formula e\c ou0k o$ntwn , and (2) the h\n pote o@te ou0k h\n .

9 John i. 18.

10 John i. 1-3.

11 Ecclus. iii. 22. [Compare the canonical equivalent, Ps. cxxxi. 1.]

12 1 Cor. ii. 9.

13 Gen. xv. 5.

14 Ecclus. i. 2.

15 Isa. liii. 8.

16 Matt. xi. 27.

17 Col. i. 16, 17.

18 Prov. viii. 30 (I.XX.).

19 2 Cor. vi. 14, 15.

20 Rom. viii. 32.

21 Matt. iii. 17.

22 Ps. xi. 7.

23 Ps. cx. 3 (LXX.).

24 Gen. vi. 2.

25 Isa. i. 2.

26 [A.D. 269.]

27 [By the canons three bishops were necessary to ordain one to the episcopate, nor was communion with fewer than these Catholic.]

28 [See p. 292, note 3, supra]

29 John x. 30.

30 John xiv. 8, 9.

31 Ps. xxxvi. 9.

32 Ps. xxxvi. 9.

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