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Early Church Fathers
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23 From this point the manuscripts are defective to ch. xx.

24 i.e., Venus the bald.

25 i.e. Jupiter the baker.

26 Terriculas. There is another reading, "terricolas." See note at Institutes, book i. ch. 22 p 38, supra.

27 See preceding note and reference.

28 Comparari. Others read "compatari."

29 Ex responso. The common reading is "ex persona."

30 Ea enim visa est aptior victima, quae ipsi, cui mactatur, magnitudine virilis obsceni posset aequari.

31 De Nat. Deor., vi. 52.

32 Quare tremunt. Another reading is, "qua reddunt," which is unintelligible.

33 a!nqowpoj, man; said to be compounded of a#nw, tre/pw, and w!y, to turn the face upwards. [Needlessly repeated from p. 41, supra.]

34 Inerrabiles. There is another reading, "inenarrabiles," indescribable.

35 Humanis visibus.

36 Inspiravit ad vitam.

37 Paradiso.

38 Irrepere.

39 Parricidam. The word first means the murderer of a parent or near relative; then simply a murderer.

40 [This is a curious enlargement of the idea as taught elsewhere. See vol. ii. p. 142, this series.]

41 Plena terroris. Another reading is, "aut plane terrores."

42 a0rxh/n. Others read daimonarxi/an, "the power of demons."

43 Lib. vi. 1.

44 Propter quem homines fecisse dicatur Deus. Others read, "Quem propter homines," etc.

45 Quasi mutuo adversoque fulta nisu consistere.

46 Appositione. Others read "oppositione."

47 [Philosophically, not dogmatically, asserted. God's wisdom in permitting evil (which originated in the fall of free intellects) to last for a season, will vindicate itself in judgment.]

48 Philosophy.

49 De Offic., ii. 2.

50 i.e., philosophy.

51 In ipso cardine. [Horace, Sat., book ii. 6, 71-76.]

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