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Early Church Fathers
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19 [See p. 301, supra.]

20 20th of November.

21 1st of January.

22 13th of December.

23 1st of March.

24 [See p. 303, supra.]

25 [A course of conduct which, providentially, tended to stop the chronic severity against believers.]

26 [Re-establishing (Edin.) is too strong a term. He refers to the restoration, from ruins, of churches, etc. (cap. 12, p. 305, supra). See caps. 34, 48, infra.]

27 [See pp. 303 (cap. vii.) and 308, at note 1, supra.]

28 [One wonders that this history was not more efficacious in enforcing the hint on p. 12, at note 1, supra.]

29 [Acts xii. 23.]

30 30th of April.

31 [See p. 301, supra, and p. 316, infra.]

32 May.

33 1st of March following.

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