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Early Church Fathers
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34 1 [Singular that he does not assert that in this he imitated the Christian discipline.]

35 [Language greatly the product of Christian influences.]

36 27th of October.

37 1st of May. [As to the angel, see Gibbon, cap. xx. note 41.]

38 30th of April. [Note these dates, p. 315.]

39 13th of June. [Note the rise of general toleration.]

40 [See cap. 39, p. 317, supra.]

41 [Let us recall our Lord's forewarning: Matt. x. 16 and Luke x. 3.]

42 See note 1, p. 109.

43 As cited by Jarvis, Introd., p. 379.

44 Baluz., Miscellanea, tom, i. p. 2.

45 Opp., Ed. Walchii, p. 435.

46 Quaestt. in Exod., lib. ii., Opp., tom. iii., p. 337.

1 Affluentes.

2 From Muratorii Antiquit. Ital. med. aev.

3 From Maxim. Victorin. de carmine heroico. Cf. Hieron., Catal., c. 80. We have also another treatise, which is entitled "On Grammar."

4 me/tron.

5 From Rufinus, the grammarian, on Comic Metres, p. 2712.

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