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2 See the brief account prefixed to the version of the Teaching, p. 372, supra.

3 Neue Untersuchungen über die Constitut, u. Kanones der Ap., Tübingen, 1832. Hefele (Conciliengeschichte, i., Freiburg, 1855, 2d ed., 1873, Edinb. trans., 1871, p. 449) speaks of this as the best work on the subject.

4 [Needless to say that this seems to me utterly inconsistent with admitted facts.]

5 Schaff, The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, New York, 1885, pp. 134, 135. Comp. Harnack on the Teaching in Texte und Untersuchungen, u. s. w., ii. pp. 246-268, Leipzig, 1884. Bishop Lightfoot (Epistles of St. Ignatius, London and Cambridge, 1885), differs from Harnack, who further discusses the topic in the Expositor, January, 1886.

6 Hefele, History of Councils, i. p. 460.

7 The Ethiopic form of these Canons has recently appeared in an English translation (Journal of Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, 1885, pp. 63-72). Professor George H. Schodde, Ph D., the translator, has made use of the edition of Winand Fell ( Cologne, 1871) with a Latin version. The Canons in this form contain most of the matter given in the Edinburgh version from the Greek, and in the same order. But the number is only fifty-seven, in many cases several Greek canons being combined as one in the Ethiopic. Some modifications are found, but very little that differs materially from the Greek. This collection is not part of the Apostolical Church Order published by Tattam, Lagarde, Harnack, and others. Comp. Schaff, Teaching, pp. 237-247.

8 [However candid, even Hefele, unquestionably learned, has been enslaved to "Infallibility," and was never a freeman.]

9 Christianity and Mankind, vol. ii. p. 405.

10 [Evidently the Teaching must now be substituted for the Epistle of Barnabas.-R.

11 [So Harnack, most decidedly; but Bishop Lightfoot opposes this view.-R,]

12 [Bunsen's magisterial views on many subjects are swept away by the recent work of Bishop Lightfoot on the Ignatian lierature.]

13 Christianity and Mankind, vol. ii. p. 418.

14 [A valuable work, apart from many of Dr. Chase's personal ideas not generally received by critics.]

1 Isa. v. 7, 2.

2 The reading of the V. mss. The others read, "Christ our God."

3 Ex. xx. 17.

4 "To whom" in V. mss., and "to God" is omitted.

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6 Isa. v. 8.

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9 Omitted in V. mss.

10 Omitted in V. mss.

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13 Luke vi. 28.

14 Prov. xx. 22.

15 Matt. v. 44, 45.

16 Omitted in V. mss.

17 6 Ex. xx. 14, 17.

18 The V. mss. add: "didst abstain from her, and didst not sin against her."

19 Matt. xviii. 7.

20 Not in V. mss.

21 Lev. xix. 27, xxi. 5.

22 Lev. xix. 27, xxi. 5.

23 Josh. i. 8; Deut. vi. 7.

24 Omitted in V mss.

25 Omitted in V mss.

26 Matt. xi. 28.

27 Omitted in V mss.

28 Prov. vii. 1, etc.

29 Prov. v. 3, 4.

30 Prov. vii. 25, 26.

31 Prov. v. 11, etc.

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