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Early Church Fathers
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68 Prov. xx. 9.

69 Luke xv. 7.

70 The V. mss. read, "restore them to their former position, and give then the joy," etc.

71 Ps. li. 12.

72 The V. mss. add, "in their footsteps, but may be deemed worthy to be admitted," etc.

73 Ezek. xviii. and xxxiii.

74 Jonah iii.; 1 Tim. ii. 4.

75 Luke xv.

76 [Ps. cxxx. 3, 4.-R.]

77 [This is "James, the Lord's brother;" Gal. i. 19. An incidental proof of the Eastern and Ante-Nicene origin of book viii. also.-R.]

78 Matt. xix. 29.

79 The V. mss. insert, "whom Thou hast selected out of myriads."

80 John x. 29.

81 John xvii. 17.

82 Ps. lxiv. 1, xci. 5, 6.

83 The meaning in Coptic seems to be uncertain.

84 The Coptic reads, "sub-deacons."

85 One V. ms. gives the following note: "James the son of Zebedee, brother of John, preached the Gospel in Judea, was slain with the sword by Herod the tetrarch, and lies in Caesarea."

86 [N.B.-No non-communicating attendance permitted.]

87 The Coptic adds, "over the oblation, that the Holy Spirit may descend upon it, making the bread the body of Christ, and the cup the blood of Christ; and prayers being ended." It then goes on with the words in italics in ch. xiii.

88 The common text has, "before all the people," omitted by one V. ms.

89 Eph. iii. 15.

90 Col. i. 15; Isa. ix. 6, LXX.

91 Gen. i.; 4 Esd. xvi. 60; Ps. civ. 2.

92 Job xxxviii.

93 Jer. v. 22.

94 Gen. i. 26.

95 Gen. ii. 8.

96 Gen. iv.

97 Ecclus. xlix. 16.

98 Gen. iv. and v.

99 Gen. vi. and vii.

100 1 Pet. iii. 20.

101 Gen. xix.; Wisd. x. 6; Ps. cvii. 34.

102 Gen. xii., etc.

103 Gen. xlvi. 27, LXX.

104 Ex. 1, etc.

105 See Isa. viii. 20, LXX.

106 Josh. iii. 10, etc.

107 Ps. lxxiv. 15.

108 Josh. vi.

109 Isa. vi. 2.

110 Dan. vii. 10.

111 Isa. vi. 3; Rom. i. 25.

112 Ps. cv. 16.

113 John xvii. 6, 4.

114 1 Cor. xi. 23.

115 Matt. xxvi.; Mark xiv.; Luke xxii.

116 1 Tim. ii. 2.

117 1 Pet. ii. 9.

118 Ps. cxxxvi. 25.

119 1 Tim. ii. 2.

120 This is not a fair translation of the Greek which, as the text stands, does not make sense. One V. ms. reads, "Let us beseech in behalf of one another."

121 2 Cor. vii. 1.

122 Luke ii. 14; Matt. xxi. 9.

123 The Coptic adds, "the rest of the clergy in their order."

124 The Coptic has, "and let them sing psalms during the distribution, until the whole congregation has received it."

125 The Coptic has, "let all the women receive it also."

126 The Coptic, "these His holy and immortal mysteries, which are numbered in heaven."

127 The Coptic has, "the Lord."

128 1 Tim. vi. 16.

129 Ps. cxxi. 8.

130 The Coptic adds: "And let the presbyters and deacons watch the few fragments that are left, that they may perceive that there is nothing superfluous; lest they fall into the great judgment, like the sons of Aaron and Eli, whom the Holy Spirit destroyed, because they did not refrain from despising the sacrifice of the Lord: how much more those who despise the body and blood of the Lord, thinking that to be merely material food which they receive, and not spiritual!"

131 The Coptic inserts, "when they have been blessed."

132 One V. ms. has this note: "John the evangelist, the brother of James, was banished by Domitian to the island of Patmos, and there composed the Gospel according to him. He died a natural death, in the third year of Trajan's reign, in Ephesus. His remains were sought, but have not been found."

133 The Coptic adds: "While you pray, he is ordained; and thou shalt ordain the deacon also according to this constitution alone."

134 Ex. xviii., xxiv., xxviii.

135 One V. ms. has the following note: "Philip having proclaimed the life-giving word to the Asiatic diocese, has been buried in Hierapolis of Phrygia along with his daughters, having been crowned with martyrdom in the reign of the Emperor Domitian. Philip, who has the daughters, is one of the seven; it was he also who baptized the eunuch."

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