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Early Church Fathers
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47 [The publican's prayer, adapted to the Christian worship: i0la/sqhti/ moi, is the plea for mercy through propitiation. Luke xviii. 13.]

48 Ps. xxiii.

49 Ps. xxxiv.

50 Ps. cxlv.

51 Ps. cxvii.

52 [Here the chalice is filled for participation.]

53 [Here the presbyter receives.]

54 Or patens.

55 [Here are difficulties explained by Drs. Neale and Littledale in their Translation, etc., p. 60.]

56 [The side-table or credence.]

57 [Here the laity are communicated.]

58 [Compare Neale's Tetralogia Liturgica, p. 192.]

59 [Here are confusions; but see Neale and Littledale, p. 62, note 20.]

60 [Interpolated, but not Mariolatrous; the Theotoce is commemorated, not adored.]

61 [A legitimate addition, according to the primitive laws.]

62 [Which must here be given.]

1 [The only authority for this valuable relic is a single codex of the twelfth century, i.e., the Codex Rossanensis, found at Rossano, in Calabria. It was deposited in the Basilian monastery at Rome, and first published A.D. 1583, at Paris. See Hammond, pp. xlv., li.]

2 [Elucidation I.]

3 [i e., mustikw=j = arcane.-Hederic.]

4 [This implies that the Eucharist was not (originally) celebrated every day, as a rule. See Justin Martyr, vol. i. note 1, p. 186.]

5 Rather "for the emperor," says Renaudot; and the word basileu/j will stand this meaning.

6 The (ku/rie e0le/hson) Kyrie Eleëson.]

7 [According to 1 Tim. ii. 2.]

8 [Suits the first years of Diocletian.]

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