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Early Church Fathers
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9 The Patriarch of Alexandria is meant. The word pa/paj was used at first to designate all bishops; but its application gradually became more restricted, and so here the Patriarch of Alexandria is called pa/paj, as being superior to the bishops of his patriarchate. [See vol. v. p. 154, and vol. vi., Introd.]

10 [See vol. iii. p. 689, this series.]

11 [Bestowing what is meet.] The text here is defective. Some suppose that a sentence has been lost.

12 Given in full in chap. vi. of the Liturgy of James, p. 538, supra. [It is so worded that it must be dated later than the Council of Ephesus, A.D. 431.]

13 [The Trisagion is found in all the liturgies, which proves a common source and original.]

14 pro/sxwmen.

15 [The Apostle means that the Epistle is read, and there is a prayer said (mustikw=j), followed by the outburst of Hallelujah.]

16 See note 1, p. 538. ["Sir, bless us" (in ordinary renderings) is a Western form.]

17 [Here, the deacon's words having been correctly given, the blessing of the priests shows the force of his expression.]

18 [I have frequently noted the Ante-Nicene ignorance of this rite among Christians, in order to illustrate these later usages as without apostolic warrant. See Irenaeus, note 9, p. 484.]

19 th\n suna/pthn.

20 [The waters of the river, rather, with reference to the Nile.]

21 [The anthem probably.]

22 probably by the three are meant three prayers. [See Hammond, note 1, p. 177.]

23 Patriarch.

24 [Vol. v. p. 417, Elucidation XIV.]

25 Some such word as remain is intentionally omitted. [See p. 540, supra.]

26 [See p. 540, supra.]

27 The Great Entrance; p. 540, supra.]

28 [See p. 541, supra.]

29 [i.e., in due order; in your turn.]

30 th=j proqe0sewj.

31 [e\pi to\n a!rton tou=ton kai\ e0pi\ ta\ poth/ria tau=ta. Most note-worthy language in this place.]

32 [Two after the Creed and one before.]

33 [Two after the Creed and one before.]

34 [The Anaphora.]

35 [I have supposed the adverb w$sper (as) in this place for obvious reasons. It is implied in the text.]

36 [See p. 543, supra. Here the Edinburgh inserts: "The Deacon...."]

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