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Early Church Fathers
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58 [The Embolisms = ejaculations.]

59 [Phil. ii. 10. See Hammond, note 1, p. 48.]

60 [Prayer of Humble Access.]

61 [Compare Hammond, p. 79.]

62 [Post-Nicene.]

63 [Elucidation III.]

64 Perhaps the Triad is meant at note 10, p. 553.]

65 [See p. 567, infra.]

66 [Ps. xlii.]

67 [Ps. xlii. 1.]

68 [Post-Communion.]

1 [Here the Edinburgh editors give the following title from their copy, without stating whence it is: "The Liturgy of the Holy Apostles, or Order of the Sacraments."]

2 [I have made slight corrections, after Renaudot, as given in Hammond, from Litt. Orient. Coll., tom. ii. pp. 578-592.]

3 Suicer says that a canon is a psalm or hymn (canticum) wont to be sung on certain days, ordinarily and as if by rule. He quotes Zonaras, who says that a canon is metrical and is composed of nine odes. See Sophocles, Glossary of Byzantine Greek, Introduction, § 43. The canon of the Nestorian Church is somewhat different. See Neale, General Introduction to the History of the Eastern Church, p. 979.

4 [Rev. v. 6. The Apocalypse saturates these liturgies.]

5 "The psalm, or verses of a psalm, sung after the Epistle, was always entitled gradual, from being chanted on the steps (gradus) of the pulpit. When sung by one person without interruption, it was called tractus; when chanted alternately by several singers, it was termed responsory."-Palmer, Origines Liturgicae, vol. ii. p .46, note.

6 i.e., while the lesson from the Old Testament is read. [But the Malabar Liturgy and Dr. Badger's translation insert before this, according to Hammond, the Sanctus Deus, Sanctus fortis, etc.]

7 i.e., while the lesson from the Apostolical Epistles is read.

8 Renaudot understands by the proclamation the reading aloud of the Gospel, [According to Hammond, the deacon's bidding prayer, during which, in Dr. Badger's translation the Offertory is said also.]

9 Bema.

10 The Malabar Liturgy fills up, "let him depart."

11 [Here begins the Liturgy of the Faithful.]

12 [The Offertory.]

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