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18 Lit. "then."-TR.

19 See note 3 on p. 681.-TR.

20 Lit. "Wilt thou renounce that in which thou standest?"-TR.

21 Lit. "scourgings."-TR.

22 [Seems to be a reference to Rev. xx. 4.]

23 Pointing to the image.-TR.

24 Or "the stocks." The word is of the most indefinte kind, answering to cu/lon and lignum.-TR.

25 For this sense, which appears to be the one intended, it is necessary to change into .-TR.

26 [Jer. xvii. 5.]

27 Lit. "it is written for me."-TR.

28 Rom. viii. 18.-TR.

29 Matt. x. 39.-TR.

30 Matt. vii. 6.-TR.

31 Chaldee, "restrain (literally, smite) His hand." See Dan. iv. 35.-TR.

32 Or "departed from his covenant."-TR.

33 The Gk. koimhth/rion.-TR.

34 Cureton's "for" seems not so good, the reference not being to a single tomb.-TR.

35 Probably that in which Sharbil and Babai were buried: see p. 684, above.

36 Lit. "secular persons," or "men of the world."-TR.

37 In Simeon Metaphrastes, whose copy would seem to have had a slightly different reading, it is written Bethelabicla, and is said to lie on the north side of the city.

38 i.e., the sixth day of the week. See note 9 on p. 668.-TR.

39 As Simeon Metaphrastes, infra, evidently made use of these Acts of Habib in his account of that martyr, it is probable that his narrative of the martyrdom of Guria and Shamuna also was founded on the copy of their Acts to which Theophilus here refers.

1 Cureton gives it in Latin.-TR.

2 This piece is taken from the well-known work of Surius, De probatis Sanctorum vitis. IT does not appear who made this Latin translation. Metaphrastes is a celebrated Ryzantine writer, who lived in the ninth and tenth centuries. He derives his name from having written paraphrases, or metaphrases, of the lives in the saints. Fabricius gives a list of 539 lives commonly attributed to him.-Dr. W. PLATE, in Smith's Dict. Biog. and Myth.-TR.

3 [A token of mediaeval origin.]

4 Ps. cxlvi. 3.-TR.

5 Dux.

6 Matt. x. 33.-TR.

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