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7 2 Cor. iv. 16.-TR.

8 Or "through his disobedience in the matter of the tree," if per ligni inobedientiam are the real words of the Latin translator, who is not, generally speaking, to be complimented for elegance or even correctness, but seems to have made a servile copy of the mere words of the Greek.-TR.

9 Matt. x. 28.-TR.

10 2 Cor. v. 1.-TR.

11 Lit. "with one foot."-TR.

12 i.e., the anniversary.-TR.

13 In the Syriac account "Telzeha:" see p. 690, supra.-TR.

14 Compare the "combs" of the Syriac, p. 684, supra.-TR.

15 Reading "totum" for "solum."-TR.

16 Rom. viii. 18.-TR.

17 Lit. "bitter."-TR.

1 This extract is taken from the edition, in two volumes, printed at Paris, of which the following is the title: MOISE, DE KHORENE, auteur du Ve Siecle: HISTOIRE D'ARMENIE, Texte Armenien Et Traduction Francaise, avec notes explicatives et precis historiques sur l'Armenie, par P. E. LE VAILLANT DE FLORIVAL.

2 Book ii. chapter. xxvi.

3 Chapter xxvii.

4 Chapter xxviii.

5 Chapter xxix.

6 Chapter xxx.

7 Chapter xxxi.

8 Chapter xxxii.

9 Chapter xxxiii.

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