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7 [On the doctrine of demons compare book iv, 14-22: Homily IX. 8-18.-R.]

8 [On error of astrology compare book x. 7-12. In Homily XIV. 5 and elsewhere "genesis" and the science of astrology are identified.]-R.

9 Ch. 17 and ch. 19-29 are taken in an altered form from the writing ascribed to Bardesanes, De Fato. |These chapters have no parallel in the Homilies, but the argument of the old man respecting genesis implies the same position: comp. Homily XIV. 3-7, II.-R.]

10 Conjectural reading, "to kill with the sword".

11 That is, violators of the sacred mysteries which was regarded as one of the most horrid of crimes.

12 That is, the farthest east, not, as some of the annotators suppose, from the beginning of the world.

13 This is a literal translation of text. If we read genesi for genesim we get: "nor has Venus, etc., compelled them to keep up this custom in the midst of others through the force of genesis". Eusebuis reads: "And assuredly Venus, ect., is not found in the genesis of all of them."

14 The text reads: "the incestuous customs of their their evils, or of their evil persons." Hilgenfeld ( Bardesanes, p. 113) notices that it should be, "of their ancestors."

15 Probably we should read perfusionem instead of perfusione, and then the translation would be: "no star compelling, or even urging on them the shedding of blood". So Whiston translates.

16 Ex. XXXV. 3.

17 [This conclusion of the argument by a reference to the Prophet is much more dignified than the personal boast of miraculous power which, in the Homiles, is placed in the mouth of the Apostle just before the recognition.-R.].;

18 [To chaps. 32-37 a partial parallel is found in Homily XIV. 6-9. The arrangement is guise different, and the details vary.-R.]

19 [Compare the account of the recognition in Homily XIV. 9.-R.]

20 This recapitulation is peculiar to the Recognitions; in Homily XV. 4 the main facts are cited as a proof of divine providence.-R.]

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