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Early Church Fathers
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21 Lit. "through pity of humanity."

22 [Comp. Homily IV. 9. The recognition of the mother is represented as occurring first the variations are quite remarkable.-R.]

23 [This chapter is peculiar to the Recognitions; the detailed description of the exorcism is a curious piece of l.iterature.-R.]

1 [In book x. the arrangement, to the close of chap. 51, differs from that of the Homilies. Here Peter proposes a delay. In Homily XV. an account is given of the attempt to convert the father immediately the Apostle arguing with him, and urging the importance of being of the same mind with his family. Then In Homilies XVI.XIX. a second discussion with Simon is given, occurring in the presence of the father of Clement. Here the argument is carried on by Clement (chaps. 7-28), Niceta (chaps. 30-34, 41), Aquila (chaps. 35-38), and concluded by Peter himself (chaps. 42-51). Much of the mythological matter finds a parallel in the discussion with Appion (Homily IV -Vl.), but there is no direct agreement in the two works from this point to chap. 52. Comp. Homily XX. II.-R.]

2 Allusion is made to Socrates and community of wives, as stated in the Repulic of Plato.

3 [Comp. book ix. 15, 17, etc. The question of astrology is much more prominent in the Recognitions; but comp. Homily XIV. 5, and elsewhere.-R.]

4 [The connection of mathematics and astrolog is indicated also in Homily XIV. 3.-R.]

5 [This argument from fuman freedom is the favourite one throughout.-R.]

6 [With this cosmogony (chaps. 17-19, 30-34) compare the discourse of Appion, Homily 3-10.-R ]

7 [Comp. chap. 31 and Homily Vl. 2.-R.]

8 [Comp. Homily V. 12-15 for a parallel to chaps. 20-23.-R]

9 Dionysius appears here and subsequently in the text for Dionysus the Greek god corresponding to the Latin Bacchus. Some of the other names are more or less corrupt forms.

10 [Comp. Homily V. 23, where these details appear in a letter written by Clement as if from a woman; also Homily Vl. 21.-R.]

11 [Comp. Homily Vl. 22.-R.]

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