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11 Matt. xxvii. 19.

12 One MS. adds: Procla,-the tradional name of Pilate's wife.

13 Three MSS. add: And by Beelzebul, prince of the demons, he casts out the demons, and they are all subject to him.

14 i.e., let them see to it.

15 There is considerable variation in the MSS. as to these names.

16 Or, let them swear.

17 See Apost. Const., ii. 56. At last he who is going to pronounce sentence of death upon the culprit raises his hands aloft, and takes the sun to witness that he is innocent of his blood.

18 The full force of the expression is: You do not mean to say that I too am a Jew?

19 Comp. John ii. 20.

20 Deut. xxv. 3; Lev. xxiv. 16.

21 Acts v. 38.

22 2 Tim. iii. 8, 9.

23 John v. 5-9.

24 Mark x. 46, etc.

25 Matt. viii. 1-4, etc.

26 Some MSS. add the name Bernice, or Veronica.

27 Matt. ix. 20-26.

28 Jos. Ant., iv. 8, 15.

29 John xi. 1-16.

30 Matt. xxvii. 15-26, etc.

31 Lit., king. Other readings are: with wishing another king; with seeking Jesus for king.

32 One MS. adds: from two years old and under.

33 This was customary before pronouncing sentence. See Apost. Const., ii. 56.

34 Some of the MSS. add: And the soldier Longinus, taking a spear, pierced His side, and there came forth blood and water.

35 Lit., art.

36 Luke xxiii. 46. Ps. xxxi. 5 is, b'yadcha aphkid ruchi.

37 One MS. adds: Pilate said to them: You scoundrels! is this the way you tell the truth about everything? I know that that never happens but at new moon. Now you ate your passover yesterda, the fourteenth of the month, and you say that it was an eclipse of the sun.

38 1 Sam. xvii. 44.

39 Deut. xxxii. 35: Rom. xii. 19; Heb. x. 30.

40 [This is an evident blunder, one of many pointing to a late origin.-R.]

41 Matt. xxviii. 5-7.

42 Three of the Latin versions say: And they took the money, but could not hide the truth. For they wanted to say, His disciples stole him while we slept, and could not utter it: but said, Truly the Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead; and we saw an angel of God coming down from heaven, and he rolled back the stone, and sat on it. And this saying has been spread abroad among the Jews even to this day.

43 Other readings are: Malek, Mophek, Mambre, Mambrech. Comp. 2 Kings xxiii. 13.

44 Mark xvi. 15-18.

45 Lit., why then this trifling which ye have trifled, etc.

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