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46 Perhaps better as a question.

47 Lit., boys.

48 2 Kings ii. 12-18.

49 i.e., Joshua. Josh. vii. 19, 20.

50 Comp. Acts x. 11.

51 Or, and he spoke to me.

52 This would seem to confirm the opinion that here were three tithes paid in the year. Comp. Smith's Dict., sub voce.

53 Luke ii. 25-35.

54 Deut. xvii. 6.

55 Gen. v. 24; Heb. xi. 5.

56 Deut. xxxiv. 5, 6.

57 Luke ii. 34.

58 Ex. xxiii. 20, 21; Mal. iii. 1; Matt. xi. 10.

59 Ps. cxviii. 23.

60 Deut. xxi. 23; Gal. iii. 13.

61 Jer. x. 11.

62 i.e., the year of jubilee. The original, e#wj tou= sw/mmou, is not Greek. It is not easy to see what the passage means. It may refer to Isa. lxi. 1-3.

63 Deut. xxvii. 15; Rom. i. 25.

64 Or, sang hymns to.

65 1 Kings viii. 56-58.

66 Zech. xiv. 9.

67 Isa. xxxiii. 22.

68 Ps. lxxxvi. 8.

69 Comp. Jer. xvii. 14.

70 Comp. 1 Sam. xii. 22.

71 [Compare the first Greek form, prologue and footnote.-R.]

72 One MS. inserts: by name Rachaab, the messenger.

73 Instead of these four sections, MS. C has a minute account of the suicide of Judas, of which the following specimen may be given:-And he went home to make a halter to hang himself, and he found his wife roasting a cock on the coals. And he says to her: Rise, wife, and get a rope ready for me: for I mean to hang myself, as I deserve. And his wife said to him: Why do you speak like that? And Judas says: Know in truth that I unjustly betrayed my master, etc., and that he is going to rise on the third day; and woe to us! And his wife says: DO not speak or think in that way. It is just as likely as that this cock roasting on the coals will crow, that Jesus will rise, as you say. No sooner said than the cock falpped his wings, and crew thrics. This decided Judas, and he immediately made the halter, and hanged himself. [The MSS. of the "Second Greek Form" are designated by Tischendorf (Evang. Apocry., pp. lxxii., lxxiii.) as follows: A, a Venice MS., comparatively recent; B., a Paris MS. of the fifteenth century; C. a Venice MS. of the same century.-R.]

74 Matt. xxvii. 13, 14.

75 Comp. John xix. 11.

76 MS. A, 14,000 infants; B, 44,000 infatns.

77 John xix. 6, 7.

78 John xviii. 33-38.

79 Comp. John ii. 20.

80 Deut. xxv. 3; Lev. xxiv. 16.

81 Matt. xxvii. 19.

82 John xviii. 31.

83 Comp. Acts v. 38.

84 Ex. vii. 10-14.

85 John v. 5-9.

86 John ix. 6, 7.

87 Comp. Acts iii. 7.

88 Luke xvii. 11-19.

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