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31 Lit., makest a word for him.

32 See note 5, p. 420

33 Procidentes; but this, according to the Greek, should be procedentes, coming before Him.

34 [The Latin has Arimathia; an din the next clause there are variations in the MSS.-R.]

35 Another reading is compunctus, pricked. The reading in the text, obstructus, is a curious mistranslation of the word in the Greek, peritetmhme/noj, cut away all round, i.e., circumcised; or, by an obvious transition, hemmed in-the meaning adopted in the version before us.

36 Confirmabimus.

37 [Comp. Mark xvi. 15-19; from the disputed ending of that Gospel.-R.]

38 Concidebantur, a mistranslation from considering e0ko/ptonto as passive, they were cut, instead of middle, they beat their breasts.

39 i.e., servants.

40 The Greek r9h=ma means thing as well as word.

41 Perhaps this would be better as a question: Is it good?

42 Lit., mouth.

43 Or, its. The text of the clause is corrupt.

44 i.e., was tried before.

45 Comp. Ps. cxviii. 23.

46 Ps. lxxii. 11, 17.

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