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77 Ornamenta; another MS. has armamenta.

78 Or, of all the wicked.

79 The text has deo, God, obviously a misprint for oleo, oil.

80 Or, who wearest such (things) on thy body.

81 Hopitio.

82 Proecuncitus, corrected to proeconatus or ans.

83 Momordidit infernum, which is obviously corrput. The translator may have read dedhxe a#|dhn, but Hades, for dedeixe a#|dhn, brought Hades to light.

1 [Compare the translation of the letter of Pilate to Claudius, found in the Acts of Peter and Paul; also a similar letter incorporated in The Gospel of Nicodemus, second part, Latin, first version, chap. 13 (29), p. 454.-R.]

1 Or, Augustus.

2 Or, Augustus.

3 Codex A has a better reading-arteries. [The MS. here referred to is in Paris, of the fourteenth century (a.d. 1315).-R.]

4 The text here is very corrupt.

5 Or, so men appeared on high.

6 This sentence also is very corrupt.

7 Another and more probably reading is, not one. [So B, a Paris MS. of the fourteenth century.-R.]

1 This is a conjecture of Thilo's. The MSS. have Spania.

2 Instead of this last sentence, one of the MSS. has: And the whole world was shaken by unspeakable miracles, and all the creation was like to be swallowed up by the lower regions; so that also the sanctuary of their temple was rent from top to bottom. And again there was thunder, and a mighty noise from heaven, so that all our land shook and trembled. Another: And there began to be earthquakes in the hour in which the nails were fixed in Jesus' hands and feet, until evening.

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