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Early Church Fathers
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3 One MS. adds: to the number of five hundred.

1 Or, in the sentence.

2 au0todra/twr.

3 The text is very corrupt.

4 Lit., he made to be slaves in the dispersion of the Gentiles.

5 One of the MSS. adds: By the will and good pleasure of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, now and ever, and to ages of ages. Amen.

1 Or, upon the sight of this.

2 This is the first appearance of the word Christian in these writings.

3 Losonium was the Roman name of Lausanne. For a discussion of this legend concerning Mont Pilate, near Lucerne, see Smith's Dictionary of the Bible, under Pilate.

1 MS. C. has God-Killing. [C is the designation given by Tischendorf to the MS. from which Birch made his edition of the text. It is in Paris; date a.d. 1315. The MSS. which Tischendorf himself collated are designated A (in the Ambrosian library at Milan, of about the twelfth century), B (Paris, fifteenth century), D (Harleian codex, of the same century). Only a smal part of the las tMS. was used by Tischendorf; see his prolegomena, p. lxxxi.-R.]

2 Tobit i. 17, 18.

3 Perhaps the true reading is nao/n, and not no/mon: plundered the temple.

4 Ms. B has: And they say that he was of the family of the sister, etc.

5 Tischendorf suggests a0e/kruyaj, hidden, for a0pekh/rucaj.

6 Or, taker away.

7 Following the reading of the LXX .in Ps. i. 1.

8 2 Tim. ii. 26.

9 Or, upon the great throne of the Most High.

10 Matt. xix. 28.

11 Luke xxiii. 43.

12 Matt. viii. 11, 12.

13 Lit., inseparably.

14 Or, the shining light of the letter, the fire of the Godhead, we indeed were extinguished.

15 i.e., of the nails.

16 The text is here corrupt; but this seems to be the meaning.

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