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34 Four of the MSS. and the Latin version here add: For assuredly I have for a long time past received letters from our bishops throughout all the world about the things done and said by him.

35 i.e., mysteries.

36 Or, to nothing.

37 Luke i. 33.

38 Or, chosen.

39 The text has kina/raj, artichokes, for which I have read koru/naj, clubs. Sea-fights were a favourite spectacle of the Roman emperors (Suet., Nero, xii.; Claud., xxi.; Dom, iv.). The combatants were captives, or persons condemned to death (Dion Cass, lx. 33).

40 For the episode of Perpetua, contained in three of the Greek MSS., but not in the Latin versions, see the end of this book.

41 i.e., head uppermost.

42 One of the MSS. here inserts: Do not be hard upon him, for he is the servant of this father Satan; but I must fulfil the command of my Lord.

43 Some of the MSS. insert: Until I bring thee into my Father's house.

44 Several of the MSS. here add: I commend unto Thee the sheep whom Thou didst entrust unto me, that they may not feel that they are without me, having fort a shepherd Thee, through whom I have been able to feed this flock.

45 In three of the Greek MSS., but not in the Latin versoins, the story of Perpetua is here continued.

46 Several MSS. here add: And the people of the Romans ran, and took them into the place called the Catacombs on the Appian Way, at the third milestone; and there the bodies of the saints were guarded a year and six months, until places were built for them in which they might be put. And the body of St. Peter was put into the Vatican, near the place for the sea-fights, and that of St. Paul into the Vostesian (Or Ostesian) Way, two mile from the city; and in these places, through their prayers, many good deads are wrought to the faithful in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 This is a slip for Nomentan.

1 Or, persisted in staying with Paul.

2 Or, how they.

3 Or, healthy.

4 Matt. v. 8.

5 Comp. 1 Cor. vi. 18, 19.

6 Comp. Rom. xii. 2.

7 Comp. 1 Cor. vii. 29.

8 Comp. Luke xx. 36.

9 Matt. v. 7.

10 Some MSS. add the following beatitudes: Blessed are they that tremble at the words of God, for they shall be comforted: blessed are they that have received the wisdom of Jesus Christ, for they shall be calle the sons of the Most High: blessed are they that through love of Christ have come out from conformity with the world, for they shall judge the angels, and shall be blessed at the right hand of the Father.

11 Or, a great outpouring of lamentation in the house.

12 Or, a chief man.

13 i.e., we rise again in our children.

14 Or, whose.

15 i.e., in sign of grief.

16 One MS. has, boys.

17 Or, virtue.

18 2 Cor. i. 22; Eph. i. 13, iv. 30.

19 Some MSS. add: A widow, very rich.

20 One MS. has: God of our fathers, Son of the Most High. Another: O Lord God, who has mde the heaven and the earth, Son of the Most High, Lord Jesus Christ.

21 i.e., the exhibition of wild beasts.

22 Or, be taken off, i.e., put to death.

23 Or, drawers.

24 A part of the ancient theatres on or near the stage.

25 Or, way.

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