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26 Or, corupt.

27 i.e., that he was dead.

1 Or, will come to reveal thee.

2 One MS. has Ferusalem, and adds, and we came to Antioch, which suits the geography better.

3 Acts xiii. 1; Rom. xvi. 21.

4 Acts xv. 39.

5 Or, turn away.

6 i.e., to finish my course.

7 This is the Syrian Laodiceia, opposite Cyprus.

8 perhaps Corycus.

9 Or, Pityussa, close to the Zephyrian promontory.

10 Perhaps Aphrodisias.

11 Or, into.

12 To make much profit.

13 Crommyon Pr.

14 Lit., the voice.

15 Lapethus.

16 Lit., and idol-frenzy,-a term often applied to the worship of Bacchus.

17 Tamassus.

18 i.e., snowy, an epithet of Olympus, the mountain they crossed.

19 Perhaps Curtium, which was nearer Palaeo Paphos than Curias Pr. was.

20 i.e., as a religious service.

21 Another reading is: In the city calle Curium.

22 Lit., assemblies of the whole nation.

23 Another reading is: Eusebius the Febusite. There is a legend that the Jebusites colonized Cyprus after they were driven out of Palestine by King David.

24 The Vatican MS. adds: on the 17th of the month Paiin according to the Egyptians, and according to the Romans the 11th of the month of June.

25 This place does not appear on the ancient maps, but there is a modern C. Limniti.

1 [This enlarged title is from the Venetian MS.; see p. 355.-R.]

2 Comp. Euseb., H. E., iii. 32.

3 Or, in no one.

4 Or, covetousness.

5 i.e., Serpent's town.

6 Or, iachaman.

7 Comp. Mal. iv. 2.

8 Isa. xxviii. 16; 1 Pet. ii. 4, etc.

9 Comp. Rom. vi. 3, 4.

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