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Early Church Fathers
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1 All references to The Ante-Nicene Fathers are to the American Edition, Christian Literature Co., New York, although sometimes referred to as "The Ante-Nicene Library."

1 Parexein mikroyian, perhaps "causes you ill-feeling." The translation of Serapion's letter with this note is taken from Mr. Armitage Robinson's edition of the gospel.

1 Par!alhm@fqnai is perhaps supported by paralabontej, Mt. xxiv. 27.

2 I know no other instance of stauriskein.

3 cf. Jo xix. 31, where Syr. Pesch. reads: "They say, These bodies shall not remain on the cross, because the sabbath dawneth."

4 The text here is corrupt: for epesanto I have provisionally read epesan te.

5 For autoj wraj we must read authj wraj (cf. Clem., Hom., xx., 16); auth is the equivalent in later Greek literature of ekeinh, as in the modern tongue (cf. Lc. x. 7, 21, and xii. 12; || ekeinh Mt., Mc.)

6 I have ventured to substitute meta, "together with" (cf. Mt. xxvii 66), for kata, "down upon." Dr. Swete, however, keeps kata, and interprets it as "against," i.e., to guard the sepulchre against.

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