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206 Literally, "use one subjection."

207 I. omits "Jesus."

208 Literally, "according as he has been placed in his charism."

209 I. thmeleitw (attend to).

210 Comp. Prov. xxvii. 2.

211 The MS. is here slightly torn, and we are left to conjecture.

212 Comp. Ps. cxxxix. 15.

213 I omits kai asunetoi (and without understanding).

214 Literally, "and silly and uninstructed."

215 Literally, "a breath."

216 Or, "has perceived."

217 Some render, "they perished at the gates."

218 Job iv. 16-18, 19-21, v. 1-5, xv. 15.

219 Some join kata kairouj tetagmenouj, "at stated times," to the next sentence.

220 Literally, "to His will."

221 I. euaresteitw (be well-pleasing).

222 Or, "consider."

223 Or, "by the command of."

224 A. "the Christ," I. "Christ."

225 I. omits.

226 Literally, "both things were done."

227 Or, "confirmed by."

228 Or, "having tested them in spirit."

229 Or, "overseers."

230 Or, "servants."

231 Isa. lx. 17, Sept.; but the text is here altered by Clement. The LXX. have, "I will give thy rulers in peace, and thy overseers in righteousness."

232 Num. xii. 10; Heb. iii. 5.

233 Literally, "every tribe being written according to its name."

234 see Num xvii

235 Literally, "on account of the title of the oversight " Some understand this to mean, "in regard to the dignity of the episcopate;" and others simply, "on account of the oversight " I for epinomh gives epidomh Bryennius conjectures epidoxh, which perhaps, may be rendered "Succession" (diadoxh)

236 The meaning of this passage is much controverted Some render, "left a list of other approved persons;" while others translate the unusual word epinomh, which causes the difficulty, by "testamentary direction," and many others deem the text corrupt We have given what seems the simplest version of the text as it stands

237 i e the apostles

238 Or, "oversight "

239 Literally "presented the offerings "

240 Or, "Ye perceive "

241 Or, "For "

242 Dan. vi. 16.

243 Dan. iii. 20.

244 Literally, "worshipped."

245 Literally, "serve."

246 Or, "lifted up." I. eggrafoi (inscribed).

247 Literally, "to each examples it is right that we should cleave."

248 Not found in Scripture.

249 Literally, "be."

250 Or, "thou wilt overthrow."

251 Ps. xviii. 25, 26.

252 Or. "war." Comp. James iv. 1.

253 Comp. Eph. iv. 4-6.

254 Rom. xii. 5.

255 This clause is wanting in the text.

256 This clause is wanting in the text.

257 Comp. Matt. xviii 6, xxvi. 24; Mark ix. 42; Luke xvii. 2.

258 Literally, "in the beginning of the gospel."

259 Or. "spiritually."

260 1 Cor. iii. 13, etc.

261 Or, "inclinations for one above another." I. prosklhseij (summonses) throughout for proskliseis.

262 Literally, "of conduct in Christ." I. agaph (love).

263 Or, "aliens from us,"i.e. the Gentiles.

264 Literally, "remove."

265 Literally, "becoming merciful"

266 Ps. cxviii. 19, 20.

267 James v. 20; 1 Pet. iv. 8.

268 Comp. 1 Cor. xiii. 4. etc.

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