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54 Matt. xii. 50.

55 Literally, "rather."

56 Literally, "malice, as it were. the precursor of our sins." Some deem the text corrupt.

57 Literally, according to the MS., "it is not possible that a man should find it who are"-the passage being evidently corrupt.

58 I. auapauoiu (rest),

59 I. palai (long ago).

60 The same words occur in Clement's first epistle, chap xxiii

61 1 Cor. ii. 9.

62 These words are quoted (Clem. Alex., Strom., iii. 9, 1.) from the Gospel according to the Egyptians, no longer extant.

63 Here the piece formerly broke off. From this point to the end the text of Gebhardt, Harnack, Zahn has been followed.

64 Comp. 1 Cor. vii. 29.

65 8 Is. lii. 5.

66 Luke vi. 32 sqq.

67 Jer. vii. 11.

68 Comp. 1 Pet. ii. iv. sqq.

69 Gen. i 27; comp. Eph v 22-23

70 i e , The Old Testsment

71 1 Pet. i. 20.

72 1 Cor. ii. 9.

73 1 Tim. iv. 16.

74 Jas. v 19-25.

75 Is. lviii. 9.

76 2 Pet. ii. 9. iii 5-10.

77 1 Pet, iv. 8.

78 i. e., Presbyters.

79 This passage proves this so-called Epistle to be a homily.

80 Is. lxvi. 18.

81 Is. lxvi. 24.

82 Indicative of the approaching close.

83 Bryennius interprets this to refer to the Scripture-lesson.

84 Either the Scripture-lesson or the homily.

85 Some take the aorist here used to be the iterative aorist of proverbs and, therefore, translated by the present tense.

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