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28 We leave untranslated the words "quae diffirmando sunt otio necessaria," the text here being evidently corrupt.

29 The phrase used by Nebridius had been "longior quam longissima," which Augustin here quotes, and afterwards playfully alludes to in sec. 3.

30 The text contains the word "sex" here, which is omitted in the translation. The reading is uncertain.

31 See note on sec. 1.

32 Ratio.

33 Charta.

34 "Mene salis placidi vultum fluctusque quietos Ignorare jubes?"-Aen. v. 848, 849.

35 Deus.

36 "Inque Deûm templis jurabit Roma per umbras," Lucan, Pharsalia, vii. 459.

37 Virg. Eclog. ii. 65: "Trahit sua quemque voluptas."

38 Virg. Aeneid, vii. 302: "Et nos et tua dexter adi pede sacra secundo."

39 "Trahit sua quemque voluptas."

40 "Primus ab aethereo venit Saturnis OlympoArma Jovis fugiens et regnis exsul ademptis." Aen. viii. 319, 320.

41 We give the original of this important sentence: "Scias a Christianis catholicis (quorum in vestro oppido etiam ecclesia constituta est) nullum coli mortuorum, nihi denique ut numen adorari quod sit factum et conditum a Deo, sed unum ipsum Deum qui fecit et condidit omnia."

42 The sense here obviously requires "vestri" instead of " nostri." which is in the text.

43 Infirmiori vasi tuo.

44 [A most noble sentence, which contains, as in a nutshell, a whole system of pastoral theology.-P.S.]

45 They thought Augustin was disappointed at being made only presbyter and not colleague of Valerius as bishop. See Possidius, Aug. Vita, c. 4.

46 We adopt the conjectural reading "conciliorum." Compare sec. 4, p. 240.

47 Rom. xiii. 13, 14.

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