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Early Church Fathers
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434 See Council of Hippo, A.D. 393, Can. 38, and the third Council of Carthage, A.D. 397, Can. 47.

435 Ibid. Can. 47.

436 Council of Carthage, 13th Sept. 401.

437 Council of Carthage, 13th Sept. 401.

438 This title in the African Church seems equivalent to Primate when applied to a bishop. See Letter LIX.

439 Held at Carthage, 13th Sept. 401.

440 Held at Carthage, A.D. 318 or 319, Can. 11.

441 About eighty persons, on a property which he had acquired, were compelled by Crispinus to undergo submersion, notwithstanding their groaning and protesting against this tyrannical act of their new landlord.

442 Papae.

443 Parvitas mea.

444 See Letter XL. sec. 7, p. 274.

445 Ecclus. xxii.6.

446 "Ut nemo in sese tentat descendere, nemo: Sed praecddenti spectatur mantica tergo."-Sat. iv. 29. See also Phaedrus, iv. 10.

447 Virgil, Aeneid, v. 369 seq.

448 Rufinus.

449 It would seem that there was some reason to fear lest Castorius should elsewhere devote his talents to some other calling, and that a deputation from Vagina had been sent to seek him and bring him to that place. Alypius and Augustin for some reason did not accompany the deputation, but sent this letter with them.

450 Jonah iv. 6.

451 I have taken the liberty of making chap. ii begin at the end instead of the beginning of this sentence, where its interruption of the paragraph bewilders the reader.

452 Livy, book xxii.

453 Virgil, Eclogue ix.

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