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Early Church Fathers
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19 Livy, x. 47.

20 Being son of Apollo.

21 Virgil, Aen. i. 286.

22 Pharsal.v. 1.

23 Aeneid, x. 821, of Lausus:

------------The fair, fair face so ghastly made,

------------He groaned, by tenderness unmanned,

------------And stretched the sympathizing hand," etc.

24 Virgil, Aeneid, vi. 813.

25 Sallust, Cat. Conj. ii.

26 Ps. x. 3.

27 Aeneid, ii. 351-2.

28 Cicero, De Rep. ii. 10.

29 Contra Cat. iii. 2.

30 Aeneid, vi. 820, etc.

31 His nephew.

32 Hist. i.

33 Lectisternia, from lectus, and sterno, I spread.

34 Proletarius, from proles, offspring.

35 the oracle ran: "Dico te, Pyrrhe, vincere posse Romanos."

36 Troy, Lavinia, Alba.

37 Under the inscription on the temple some person wrote the line, "Vecordiae opus aedem facit Concordiae."-The work of discord makes the temple of Concord.

38 Cicero, in Catilin, iii. sub. fin.

39 Lucan, Pharsal. 142-146.

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