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1 Luke xix. 23.

2 Matt. xxiv. 35.

3 Luke xvi. 17.

4 Ez. xxxvii.

5 Ex. xiii. 19.

6 Viz. to the church built on the other side of the Orontes where the reliques of the saint finally remained.

7 Meletius, Bishop of Antioch, a man of very saintly life who died in 379 and was buried by the side of St. Babylas in the church which he had been active in erecting, mentioned in the preceding note.

8 Eph. iv. 12.

1 Chrysostom is referring to his Homily "on the incomprehensible: against the Anom'ans," v.6, 7. Armata du/o mo/inson tw[ logw, k.t.l., the Pharisee's pair of horses being Righteousness and Pride; the publican's, Sin and Humility.

2 Epi\ th=j yuxh=j. The fibres spreading and entwining over it.

3 Parh=lqen. The word used at Athens of Orators rising to speak. <\i>\Parelqw/n de/ e!lece doia/de.<\|i>\ Thucyd. ii. 59.

4 Fox said in parliament, "I cannot draw an indictment against humanity."

5 This must be the sense ; though there is some little difficulty in the original.

6 <\i>\e0piteu/contai<\|i>\, Lit. light upon : as on the treasure of the parable, "hid in a field."

7 Its race being ended ; the goal won.

8 That is on whatever foundation, other than that which may have been laid.

9 Oi0kodomh\n teqei=san. <\dq_Oi\ peri Dwdw/hn dusxe/imeron: oi0ki0 e!qento<\|dq_. Iliad. B. 750.

10 <\i>\ Paralanbanwmen<\|i>\. Take her to dwell with us. Comp. Chrysostom's expression, suzh=n a0reth[ .

11 <\i>\ Kato/rqwma<\|i>\. The highest form of duty; Perfectum officium quod Graeci, kata/orqwma. Cic. De Off. i. 3.

12 alh/qeia here in that of Aristotle's Ethics: sincerity.

13 Philip. i. 18.

14 <\i>\Aplw=j<\|i>\. without reference to circumstances.

15 to=uto poei=n, i. e., to be in that state. <\i>\Poiei=n<\|i>\ is not seldom used where <\i>\Paqei=n<\|i>\ might be expected.

16 Gal. i. 8, 9.

17 2 Cor. xi. 2, 3. <\i>\Apo\ th=j a9plo/thtoj th=j xristo/n<\|i>\. That is, from the singleness of affection and fidelity which must be maintained towards Him in that relation. Matt. vi. 22-24.

18 <\i>\Aplw=j<\|i>\. Without reference to the truth of their doctrine.

19 As from a fountain, lying higher, a!nwqen; ab origine.

20 Porokoph/n, removal, clearing away, of obstacles to its advance.

21 Tou\j plei/onaj. In the Greek of that day =<\i>\ple/ionaj<\|i>\: like Lat., plures, modified and weakened comparative.

22 Philip. i. 12-14.

23 9Yqairo/\\umenoj, lit. secretly taking for himself. Lat. surripio, So. steal, stealth.

24 Comp. Cic. in Verr. 11,1,3, non adulterum, sed expugnatorem pudiciti.

25 <\i>\Po/qw9<\|i>\, desiderio: absence being a test of love.

26 Philip. 1:7.

27 <\i>\Ype/p<\|i>\. As Lat. super. Multa super Priamo ragitans, super Hectore multa. Virg. Aen i. 750.

28 Rom. i. 13, 14.

29 Rom. xiv. 15.

30 <\i>\Anti\<\|i>\. It may mean, as an equivalent, in the balance; comprehending and out-weighing all, other considerations.

31 <\i>\ Hkata\ Qeo\n aga/ph<\|i>\, <\i>\<\dq_h9 ga=r kata= Qeo/n lu/ph meta/noian ei/j swthri/an e0gazetai.<\|dq_<\|i>\ 2 Cor. vii. 10.

32 <\i>\ 0Ek tw=n ouranw=n<\|i>\. Chrysostom seems to use <\i>\e0k<\|i>\ and not <\i>\e0n<\|i>\, in reference to <\i>\a!nwqen <\|i>\ preceding. This is the Greek idiom ; <\i>\a0uto=u e0ni\ Troi/h<\|i>\ Il. B. 237, but <\i>\a!uto/qen e0c e#drhj<\|i>\, T. 77.

33 Philip. i. 12.

34 Prov. xviii. 19. In our version it stands, "A brother offended is (harder to be won than) a strong city." Chrysostom quotes exactly from the LXX. On the other hand, <\i>\Bohqe/q<\|i>\, as. governing a dative, has no passive voice, at least in classical Greek. <\i>\Bohqo/umenoj<\|i>\ may, as here, he used by the Alexandrians.

35 <\i>\Akribe/iaj<\|i>\. As a chain accurately and closely linked so as not to be severed asunder.

36 <\i>\Suni/sthmi<\|i>\. Lit. establish, vouch for her.

37 <\i>\Htij<\|i>\, answering to Lat. quae with subjunctive, expressing the cause.

38 <\i>\Prosa/tij<\|i>\, patroness : a relation well-known in Greece.

39 Rom. xvi. i, 2.

40 i.e., mo/non ; a common ellipsis in Chrysostom.

41 Rom. xvi. 3, 4.

42 Philip. ii. 30.

43 From trouble,<\i>\ <\dq_a!nesin.<\|dq_<\|i>\ Comp. 2 Cor. vii. 5.

44 Ephes. vi. 22.

45 1 Thess. iii. 5.

46 Philip. i:12.

47 Philip i. 12.

48 Philip. i. 13.

49 <\i>\Tou\j plei0onaj<\|i>\ again, plures, complures, a good many.

50 Philip. l. 14.


52 <\i>\Akolouqi/an<\|i>\. Comp. Xen Exped. Cyri. ii. iv. 19. <\i>\w9so0uk a0ko/louqa e!ih<\|i>\; the two things were incompatible.

53 <\i>\Fhsi/n<\|i>\. This word, so contstantly used by Chrysostom, is sometimes almost redundant; the nominative to it, if any, being uncertain. It may be redundant here or it may be equivalent to <\i>\le/gei<\|i>\ he means. He does not say it.

54 Luke iv 23.

55 <\i>\Diala/uph|<\|i>\.In Attic Greek the optative would be used to express past time. But it may be noticed that Chrysostom nearly always has the subjunctive. a usage probably of the Alexandrian period of Greek literature. 2Cor. xii. 9.

56 <\i>\Upeske/lise<\|i>\. Lit. tripped up, causing a fall.

57 <\i>\Apaqo=usan<\|i>\. This properly is, dropping its flowers as a plant withering defloresco. I strongly suspect that <\i>\e0panqou=san<\|i>\ should be read which not only is just what is wanted, but gives a satisfactory government to<\i>\ a0uta=ij<\|i>\, which now it has not.

58 <\i>\ 0Esqigme/naj<\|i>\. Comp. the chaining of Prometheus <\i>\<\dq_Ara/sse ma=llon sqi/gge<\|dq_<\|i>\. Lat. stringo, constrictus.

59 <\i>\Swfrosu/nh|j<\|i>\. Not in its ethical, but in its etymological sense, <\i>\sw=oi th|n fre/na<\|i>\, sound in mind. The antithesis is doubtless intentional.

60 <\i>\To0 Ba/raqron<\|i>\. The Athenian place and mode of execution. It cannot be literally rendered. The Tarpeian rock may be meant. Dejicere a saxo cives, Hor. Serm. This sentence proves <\i>\<\dq_a0lh/qeia<\|dq_<\|i>\ to be, not truth, but sincerity. They preached <\i>\<\dq_o0rqh/n kai\ u9ginh= pi/stin.<\|dq_<\|i>\

61 That is, heartily.

62 Philip. i. 15.

63 Philip v 17.

64 <\i>\Kei=mai<\|i>\. Perhaps lit. "I am lying" '-here in prison.

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