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Early Church Fathers
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1 [mhde= dei=sqai, "not even to need," as below in sec. 2. *R.]

2 [e0dh/lwsen, "made evident, showed." The translator very frequently renders the aorist by the English perfect. Attention will be called in some instances, where the sense is affected by such renderings.


3 John xiv. 26.

4 Jerem. xxxi. 31-33 ; Is. liv. 13 ; Heb. viii. 8-11; John vi. 45.

5 2 Cor. iii. 3. [The text here agrees with the Rec., not withthe oldest Mss. followed in the R. V.-R.]

6 [Literally, "the punishment that is greater."-R.]

7 [Literally, "the very cloud."-.R.]

8 swmaikh=j fantasi/aj.

9 <\i>\th\n tw=n swma/twn e!nn/oian<\|i>\.

10 Acts ii. 13.

11 Alluding to the blasphemy of the Macedonians, so often referred to by St. Chrysostom.

12 Acts ii. 41 ; and iv. 4.

13 [Literally, "And he properly called his work good tidings" (eu0agge/lion).-R.]

14 [A reminiscence of 1 Cor. i. 30-R.]

15 [Literally, "reconciliations of God to our nature." The doctrinal point of view is Pauline: God is reconciled, His anger removed.-R.]

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