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3 Mark. i. 13.

4 [lomo/ntr, "laver ;" here by metonymy for the rite of baptism.-R.]

5 [lomo/ntr, "laver ;" here by metonymy for the rite of baptism.-R.]

6 Ezek. xvi. 49.

7 Isa. v. 11, 12.

8 oi0konomi/a, that is, the assumption of humanity. [Justin Martyr and Ignatias so use the term see reffs. in Sophocles, Greek Lexicon, etc., sub voce.-R.]

9 Matt. iv. 2.

10 Matt. iv. 3.

11 Matt. iv. 4.

12 [Here "demons" is the more correct rendering.-R]

13 [Here "demons" is the more correct rendering.-R]

14 Acts xvi. 18.

15 [e0le/gch|, "might convince," "argue over."-R.]

16 Matt. iv. 6.

17 Gen. iii. 5.

18 Matt. iv. 7.

19 Matt. iv. 8-10.

20 [Luke iv. 13. The form of the passage is changed by Chrysostom, but the words are identical. The R V. renders: "And when the devil had completed every temptation." Chrysostom puts the emphasis on the word "every," as his argument shows.

21 Luke iv. 13. [In Luke iv. 13, the reading is a!xri kairou=, but Chrysostom has e#wj kairou=, apparently accepting the sense given in the R V. margin: "until a season," which has much to recommend it.-R.]

22 Matt. iv. 11.

23 Luke xvi. 22.

24 diakwdo/nisaj.

25 "Curse God and die," Job ii. 9.

26 [ti tw=n ou/ proshko/ntwn.-R.]

27 Heb. xii. 6.

28 Jerem. v. 8.

29 St. Cyril (about A. D. 350) Catech. x. 19, says, "The demons who even to this day are being driven out by the faithful bear witness to Christ." St. Augustin (A. D. 426), in many places speaks of the like miracle as no unusual thing in his time, particularly at the tombs of the martyrs. De Civ. Dei. x. 22.; xxii. 8; contra. Lit. Petil. ii. 55.

30 filotimi/an.

31 Luke xix. 40.

1 [toi=j peirasmoi=j: here including "trials" of every kind.-R.]

2 Matt. iv. 14, and Is. ix. 1, 2.

3 [R. V.. "Toward the sea, Greek, the way of the sea." The text is cited accurately in the Homily.-R.]

4 Matt. iv. 15, 16 see Is. ix. 1, 2.

5 John i. 9.

6 Luke i. 76.

7 Matt. xi. 18, 19. [The citation is from Matthew, not Luke, but the last clause in the R. V. reads: "And wisdom is justified hy her works." Comp. however, the margin and Luke vii. 35.-R.]

8 John viii. 13.

9 tosou/twn oi0konomhqe/ntwn.

10 Matt. iv. 18, 19.

11 John i. 42.

12 ["it was natural."-R.]

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