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Early Church Fathers
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69 [gh=n apotemno/menoj. There is no reference to the Old Testamet phrase in the original, which simply means "cutting off land for one's self," i. e., to appropriate it wrongfully.-R.]

70 [Comp. Luke vi. 34.]

71 prwto/tupoj, archetypal : the word seems to imply the symbolical use to be made of all visible things and their relations: as here, the relation of debtor and creditor is a sort of token of God's mercy, in binding Himself to do us good.

72 Prov. xix. 17.

73 au0tw=| per/qej.

74 tamie//etai.

75 Job xxx. 25

76 Eph. iv. 25.

77 oi0kotri/bon.

78 Exod. xxiii. 5; Deut. xxii. 4. [The citation is made very freely from the LXX. The former paasage was probably in the mind of the preacher.-R.]

79 [w!ste.]

80 a0nwmonei=n.

1 [tw=n ei0rhme/nwn.]

2 [The text has also "Ye have heard that," as in Matt. v.22: the latter half is not a direct quotation.-R]

3 [politei/aj.]

4 e0ce/luon.

5 John v.17.

6 Matt. xii. 11.

7 John vii. 23.

8 John xi. 42. ["These things" does not occur in the New Testament passage, but is inserted here to complete the sense. Comp. R. V., "but because of the multitude which standeth around I said it, that they may believe that thou didst send me."R.]

9 John viii. 58.

10 John i. 1.

11 John i. 3, 10.

12 Matt. xix. 4.

13 lo/gwn oi0konomi/a|.

14 The Gnostic and Manicha'n sects

15 Matt. i. 22, 23.

16 Matt. xxi. 5-16.

17 Matt iii. 15.

18 John viii. 46.

19 John xiv. 30.

20 Isa. liii. 9.

21 Rom. x. 4.

22 Rom. viii. 3,4.

23 Rom. iii. 31.

24 [tw=n mh\ poisu/utw.]

25 Matt. v. 18. [R. V., "Till Heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished".-R.]

26 aparti/saj.

27 biou\ paraskeuh\n u\yhlote/ran.

28 Matt. v.19.

29 [Matt. v. 20. The citation is accurate ; the phrase "the righteousness" is supplied in English ; see R. V.-R.]

30 u9pestalme/nwj. 7.

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