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Early Church Fathers
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1 [R. V. (and Chrysostom), "Have mercy on us, thou Son of David."]

2 [R. V., "be it done."]

3 pare/lkei.

4 Perhaps Isa. xxxvii. 35.

5 e9pipda=n.

6 Matt. ix. 2. ["Thy sins are forgiven." Comp, Homily XXIX. 1.-R.]

7 Matt. ix. 30, 31.

8 Mark v. 19; Luke viii. 39.

9 Matt. ix. 32. ["Demon" is more correct, here and through out the passage.-R.]

10 Matt. ix. 33.

11 Matt. ix. 34. [R. V., "By (or, in) the prince of the devils (Greek, demons) he casteth out devils."]

12 Matt. ix. 35. [R. V., "all manner of disease and all manner of sickness." In the Homily, as in the best New restament Mss e0u tw=| law=| is not found.-R.]

13 e0skulme/noi, vexati, the reading of the Vulgate, and of most Mss. and Fathers: adopted by Griesbach into the text. [The R. V. renders this "distressed."]

14 Matt. ix. 36-38. ["will" is unnecessary.-R.]

15 John iv. 38.

16 Matt. xii. 23, 24. [See on Verse 34, in sec. 2.]

17 [Omit "would."]

18 Matt. iii. 12.

19 [R. V., "authority over."]

20 Matt. x. 1. [ "Sickness" and "disease" should be transposed. Comp. on chap. ix. 35, and R. V.-R.]

21 John vii. 39. [Chrysostom accepts the reading sustained by our best authorities; but the literal rendering given above does not represent his view. In Homily LI., in John, he distinctly says: "For the Holy Ghost was not yet, that is, `was not yet given 0'."-R.]

22 Matt. x. 2.

23 Matt. x. 3.

24 [R. V., "Thaddeus." The longer reading arose quite early. Tischendorf accepts "Lebb'us"though it is not strongly supported, mainly because Mark has "Thaddeus."-R.]

25 Luke vi. 16.

26 Matt. x. 4.

27 korufai=oj.

28 Acts iv. 13

29 Matt. x. 5.

30 [R.V. "any way."]

31 Matt. x. 5, 6.

32 Acts xi. 3.

33 Matt. x. 7.

34 See Exod. iv. 10-14; Jerem. i. 6.

35 [a/ciopi/stouj, worthy of the confidence of those to whom they preached.-R.]

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