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32 Acts v. 36, 37.

33 [R V. "being put forward by her mother".]

34 a0llogenou=j, which seems to be opposed to aujqigenou's, "of genuine origin."

35 1 Cor. vi. 15.

36 Amos vi. 6, LXX. [to\n diulisme/non oi\non.]

37 That is, to respect the obligation by having been a person's guest.

38 Luke vii. 54.

39 Comp. Homily xxxVII. 8. Of such parasites Juvenal says,(Sat. v. 170.) Omnia ferreSi potes, et debes. Pulsandum vertice rasoPr'bebis quandoque caput, nec dora timebisFlagra pati, his epulis et tali dignus amico. See Mr. Field's note.

40 sussi/touj.

41 1Cor. x. 31.

1 [R. V., "from the cities;" the word "all" is not found in the text of Matthew, but in Mark vi. 33.-R.]

2 ["withdrawing;" so the R. V. properly renders <\i>\a0naxwrei\n<\|i>\.

3 Matt. iv. 12.

4 John iv. i-3.

5 Matt. xvi. 304

6 Matt. xi. 2.

7 oi0konomi/aj, that is, of His incarnation and manhood.

8 Matt. xiv. 14.

9 [<\i>\to\ mh\pro/teroj e0piphda=|n toi=j qau/masin, a0lla\ kalou/menoj<\|i>\..]

10 Matt. xiv. 15.

11 Matt. xvi. 6.

12 Matt. xiv. 16.

13 Matt. xiv. 17.

14 Matt. vi. 52. [Slightly altered.]

15 John vi. 9.

16 See 2 Kings iv. 42; v. 19-21.

17 [In verse 19 toi/nun is inserted ; the order of the clauses changed, and tou;s a[rtous omitted.-R.]

18 Verses 20, 21 are verbally exact. The R. V. renders more accurately the last clause of ver. 20, "that which remained over of the broken pieces, twelve baskets full."-R.]

19 Gen. l. 11, 20. [LXX., e0rpeta\ yuxw=n zwsw=n.]

20 Ps. lxxviii. 20.

21 In these and other places of this Homil y there may be perhaps a tacit reference to the Holy Eurharist, and to the aptitude of the miracle of the loaves as a preparation of the apostles for it.

22 Matt. xvi. 9.

23 Kings xvii i6.

24 John vi. 15.

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