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Early Church Fathers
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25 e0ph/gaazon.

26 Matt. xiv. 22. [R. V., "till be should send," etc.]

27 [R. V., "ye saw signs."]

28 John vi. 26.

29 That is, "things for use."

30 Luke vi. 36.

31 filotimi/aj.

32 zwdi/on. See Herod. i. 70, and Schweigh'user's note, as quoted here by Mr. Field.

33 to\ ba/nauson.

34 1 Tim. ii. 9.

35 [r9h/torej.]

1 [R. V., "distressed by the waves."]

2 Matt. xiv. 25.

3 Matt. xiv. 26. [R. V., "It is an apparition," but Chrysostom has the indirect form, "saying that it is an apparition. "The Greek term, is fa/ntasma, not pneu=ma.-R.]

4 Mat. xiv. 27.

5 Matt. xiv. 28.

6 John xxi. 7.

7 [So R. V. margin. The rec. text has e0lqei=n.-R.]

8 [R. V. text, with a few of the oldest authorities, omits "boisterous,", i0sXor.o/n, which Chrysostom accepts.-R.]

9 Matt. xiv. 29-31.

10 John vi. 21. [R.V., "They were willing to receive him into tho boat: and straightway the boat was at the land whither they were going."]

11 Compare Acts iv. 13.

12 Matt. xiv. 32.

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