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23 Matt. xv. 16.

24 Matt. xv. 15.

25 Matt. xv. 17-20.

26 Lev. xi. 24, 25.

27 [ti/ktetai; the Oxford edition has "bad," which is probably a misprint for "bred."-R.]

28 Mark vii. 19. Origen in his commentary on this passage of St. Matthew, refers also to St. Mark, where be reads as St. Chrysostom here, kaqari/zwn instead of kaqari/zon. The word "cleansing" or "purging" is therefore referred to our Lord, and our Saviour's words will stand as a parenthesis. See Field in loc. '[The translator doubtless means that this view makes our Lord's own words a parenthetical explanation of the evangelist. So the R. V. gives the clause.. That kaqari/zqn is the correct reading is quite certain, but German commentators refer it to a0fe/drw=na, accepting a change of construction. The evangelist Mark rarely inserts explanations. The citation from Origen will be found in Tichendorf, VIII., note on Mark vii. 19. Despite the authority of Origen and Chrysostom, the rendering of the R. V. is of doubtful propriety.-R.]

29 Matt. xv. 20.

30 Is. i. 15.

31 Prov. xviii. 21.

32 Matt. xii. 37.

33 Heb. xiii. 4.

34 1 Tim. ii. 8.

35 Ecclus. xviii. 16.

36 Ecclus. iv. 8.

37 Ecclus. ix. 15.

38 [pi/ptwmen epi\ go/nata, "fall on our knees" seems to be the more probable sense, as the context indicates. Compare the last sentence in the paragraph.-R.]

39 1 Tim. vi. 16.

40 a0frone/steron opposed to swfrosu/h.

1 [R. V., "And Jesus went out thence and withdrew into the parts of Tyre and Sidon. And behold, a Canaanitish woman came out from those borders, and cried". But Chrysostom agrees with the rec. text, in adding "unto Him." There is some doubt as to the correct form of the Greek verb rendered "cried," both in the New Testatsrnt and in Chrysostom's text..-R.]

2 Mark vii. 24.

3 Acts x. 15, 20.

4 Matt. x. 5. [R. T. "anyway."]

5 Ps. xlv. 10.

6 See John iv. 49, and comp. Matt. ix. 18.

7 Matt. xv. 23.

8 Matt. xv. 24.

9 Matt. xv. 25.

10 Matt. xv. 26.

11 John ix. 32.

12 Matt. viii. 7.

13 Matt. viii. 8.

14 Luke viii. 46.

15 John iv. 18.

16 [R. V., "for even the dogs," etc.]

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