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21 [Chrysostom reads kai0 egw\ de/, probably from verse 18, as none of our authorities have this fuller form.-R.]

22 Matt. xvi. 19. [The text is peculiar in omitting th=j basilei/aj;. The translator has here rendered th=n ou0ranw=n, "the heavens;" but not in all similar instances. The English versions generally disregard the plural form.-R.]

23 [toi=j ou0ranoi=j]

24 Matt. xx. 23.

25 Jer. i. 18.

26 Matt. xxiv. 35.

27 John i. 3. [The Greek text omits o$ ge/gonen "which was made."]

28 [The singular is retained here by the translator, though the Greek form is the same, tw=n ou0ranw=n.-R.]

29 Matt. xvi. 20.

30 o9 korufai=oj.

31 John xvi. 12.

32 Matt. xvi. 21.

33 i. e., the woman of Canaan.

34 Luke xviii. 34.

35 Luke ix. 45.

36 Matt. xvi. 22. [R. V., "this shall never be unto thee."]

37 Matt. xvi. 23. 6.

38 [R. V., "mindest."]

39 kaqikmnou/menoj.

40 Matt. iii. 15.

41 John xiii. 8.

42 Isaiah liii. 7.

43 Cor. vii. 23. [R. V., "become not bondservants of men."]

44 See S. Cyril, Catech. xiii. 41. Oxf. Trans. and the note there: see also especially hereafter on S. Matth. xxiv. 30, Hom. LXXVI.

45 S. Greg. Nyss. Life of S. Greg. Thaum.Works, t. iii. p. 573. Paris, 1638.

46 Sim. Metaphr. Life of St. John, p.47, etc. Oxon. 1597.

47 1 Cor. ii. 14.

48 Gal. vi. 14.

49 Ps. xxiii. 4.

50 Jerem. xxiii. 23.

51 Is. lviii. 9, lxv. 24. [The citation is from the former passage; but "I will say" from the latter is substituted for "he will say." So in the last part of the longer citation below.-R.]

52 Is. lviii. 6-9. [LXX., see note above.]

1 [R. V., "If any man would come after me, let him deny him self," etc. The Oxford translator substitutes "renounce" to bring out the distinction between a0parnei=sqai and a0rnei=sqai, which is pointed out in the Homily, sec. 2.-R.]

2 Matt. xvi. 22, 23.

3 John xii. 24.

4 a0rnhsa/sqw.

5 a0parnhsa/sqw. [Comp. note, p.338.]

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