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Early Church Fathers
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27 Rom. viii. 32.

28 i. e. Heathens.

29 Matt. vi. 24.

30 Luke vi. 37.

31 See Luke xiii. 23.

32 Isaiah xiii. 21, 22. [The word dra/kontej, here rendered "serpents," is not found in the Lxx; nor does the prophecy refer to Jud'a, but to Babylon.-R.]

33 Matt. xvi. 26.

34 Paidagwgo/n, a man-servant who took care of boys.

35 [a0ndriantopoiou=, "maker of statuary."]

1 [The form of the Greek verb here is peculiar to the text of the Homily R. V., "sin," for "trespass."-R.]

2 Lit. "reprove" or "convict him."

3 Matt. v. 24. [But The citation is fuller "If thou art standing by the altar and rememberest that thy brother hath aught against thee, go away, he reconciled," etc.-R.]

4 Matt. vi. 12.

5 [Supplied by translator.]

6 Or, "Convict him."

7 Matt. xviii. 16. [The words "or three" are omitted in the Homily here, but not below. In both cases the form of the verb is changed.-R.]

8 Matt. xviii. 17.

9 Matt. v.39.

10 1 Cor. v. 12.

11 [Oxford edition, "these," misprint, since the Greek word is trei=j.-R.]

12 e0kstatikw/teron.

13 Matt. v. 46.

14 Matt. xxi. 31.

15 Matt. xviii. 18. [R. V., "What things soever," etc. But the singular pronoun is substituted in the text of the Homily.-R.]

16 [A clause is omitted here, "and doth out straightway cut him off."-R.]

17 Matt. xviii. 19, 20.

18 mikroyxi/aj.

19 2 Cor. xii. 9. [R. V.,"for my power is made perfect in weakness."-R.]

20 politei/an.

21 Matt. v. 44.

22 Jer. xi. 14.

23 e0pikhrwn.

24 1Cor. xiii. 8. [R. V., "Love never faileth." The Greek word Is rendered "love" throughout this part of the Homily.-R.]

25 Luke xxiii. 34.

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